A totally Latherly Experience!

Self Care Essential Remedy

Self Care Essential Remedy

The Essential Soap Bar
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Self care remedy kit... trouble sleeping? Sore dry hands? Want to boost your well-being?

Essential Hand Balm

Pillow Mist Spray

Scent-sational Therapeutic Soap

Trouble sleeping?

Try our Essential Easy Sleep Pillow Mist

With Lavender and Chamomile Essential Oils

Lightly spray on your pillow for a restful nights sleep

“it’s fabulous, helps me drift off into a natural sleep, scent is very subtle, not at all over powering, beautifully packaged”

Boost your wellbeing with our uplifting, scent-sational Orange Bar Soap 🧼

“A totally latherly experience!”

Orange has a natural anti-depressant effect

A stimulant that increases energy levels

🌟 Nourish the skin 🌟

Do you have sore, dry hands? 🤚

🖐 Essential Hand Balm 🖐

 Use a barrier against harsh elements or as a moisturiser

Effective moisturiser containing many fatty acids,

needed for skin elasticity and moisture

Anti-inflammatory to help reduce

redness and ease the effects of Eczema and Psoriasis

Contains Vitamin E and B complex vitamins

to help in skin repair and damage control

Vitamins A, D, E help moisturise and protect the skin