Handmade and sealed with positive intention in Suffolk

The Essential Soap bar was born from the need to support the challenges of healthy natural skincare and problems arising as a result of illness or the use of chemicals in products. 

With just a whiff of Essential oils they can make you feel good and lift your mood. I have always used essential oils in a steamer in my yoga practice and now in my handmade products.

Essential oils are liquids that have been distilled from leaves, barks, stems, roots, flowers or other parts of plants, using water or steam.

Why use essential oils?

Essential oils come from pure plant derivatives, perfume oils are manufactured artificially or have some artificial substances.

Essential oils have such an aroma and chemical composition that they can provide some essential physical therapeutic and psychological advantages to individuals.

The traditional medicine of India is known as Ayurveda, which goes back to almost three thousand years. This form of medicine makes use of many different types of essential oils. In Ayurvedic texts there are lists of different natural and organic substances, such as ginger or sandalwood, all are known to be effective in the healing process.

Health and Well-being

The word Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root ‘Yuj’ meaning ‘to unite’. I believe my range of handmade products represents this ethos beautifully, complementing my yoga teaching to optimise health and well-being.

Sowing Seeds for Mental Health

Engagement in Gardening has shown to have immediate and long term
effects on mental health.

This label is printed on Lavender Seed Paper. Soak the paper in
water, tear into small pieces.

Place the pieces in a pot of compost and sprinkle more compost on
top. Keep the soil and paper moist in a warm and light environment.

Amethyst Aura Mist

Amethyst Aura Essential Mist

Lavender, Eucalyptus, Orange, Frankincense essential oils

Handmade and sealed with positive intention in Suffolk

Fill your surroundings with a blend of therapeutic essential oils infused with amethyst and distilled sun charged water making it radiant with energy. 

Sunlight water has a lot more energy for cleansing negative energies and holds great importance in Ayurveda, one of the world’s oldest healing systems.

Breathing in Sweet Orange Oil may help ease anxiety. Lavender, Frankincense and Eucalyptus can help purify the air. Lavender oil is also known to be calming, relaxing and cleansing. 

Amethyst Crystal is often used to promote happiness and joy.

What is an Aura?

Auras are an unseen field of energy surrounding a persons physical body. Affected by our mood and emotional state and sometimes the states of others.

Your aura can get blocked or can pick up negative energy of those around you. This can lead to tiredness, confusion and anxiety.

Cleansing your aura can reset your energy and help you connect to feelings of self - love and worth.

What is an Aura spray?

An aura mist helps cleanse, protect and recharge your energy.

Shake thoroughly and spray above your head and around your aura anytime, set your intentions and practice breathing techniques. Or spray on your pillow before bed.

Meet the Maker

I am passionate about all things natural, essential oils and plastic free zero waste products. What started as a hobby has now become a evolving small business. 

I am a multi award winning yoga teacher, working towards my 500 hr teacher training, post premature menopause at 20 (POF) spinal and bowel surgery. I have 30 years experience in the fitness industry in health clubs and in my own Glamping Spa Retreat. I am a menopause practitioner, yoga teacher, personal trainer, exercise to music group instructor, aerial yoga and yoga trapeze teacher, breath coach and the science of stretching flexibility coach. Alongside ongoing studies in biological sciences and biomechanics. Currently a psychotherapist student. I combine my own personal experience with years of training and experience in the industry to help others improve their practice and incorporate techniques into their lifestyle



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Yoga Breathing is a safe and fast way to relieve stress, boost digestion, balance your energy, and improve sleep. No experience of any kind is needed. I take a very simple, science-based approach that is effective for everyone.